Rottach-Egern - Elegant Lifestyle

Style, elegance and good living are what the attractive and lively town of Rottach-Egern is famous for. Many well-known painters, poets and composers were inspired by the bustling cultural life at the southern end of the lake. Today, guests from all over the world savour the energetic and exclusive atmosphere around the Egerner Bay, where zeitgeist and tradition mingle. Haute cuisine and historical Bavarian guest houses, luxury hotels and cosy holiday farms, fancy boutiques and the picturesque lakefront all invite visitors to create their very own holiday experience. This diversity is also reflected in the range of cultural and sports activities available.

The unique coach and sledge museum, numerous concerts, lake festivals and folk evenings promise entertainment galore. Fantastic views are to be had from the top of Mount Wallberg – easily accessible by cable car. And this majestic peak will also grace the horizon during a cycling tour to the scenic Rottach Valley, to one of the mountain pastures, or during a swim in the heated outdoor lido. In winter, well-tended promenades, a vast network of cross-country skiing trails and the nearby ski resort between Sutten and Spitzing bring winter sports within easy reach.