Tegernseer Tracht, © Der Tegernsee, Hansi Heckmair

Tradition & costums

Closely linked and yet one can also work without the other. Both play an essential and important role around the lake. If you're going to the Waldfeste, dirndls and lederhosen shouldn't be missing. But of course the Tegernsee does not need a special occasion to throw himself into his costume - traditional costume time is always. And the cyclist who stops at the next maypole is also welcome without lederhosen.

Deliciously served delicacies

Kirchweih Tegernsee

Leonhardi in Kreuth, © Der Tegernsee, Stefanie Pfeiler
Solemn procession

Leonhardi Kreuth

Waldfest am Tegernsee
lived tradition