Couple Wellness, © Dietmar Denger

Wellness and health

Breathe the Goodness

You will find two things very easy around Lake Tegernsee: doing sports and doing nothing. Both are necessary to get back to yourself and recharge your batteries.

Get active

...with your favourite sport! Horse-riding, water sports, golf, tennis, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking and paragliding, are all available in the valley – with an experienced professional and well-kept facilities and equipment at your command. 

Get healthy

...with the help of sound sleep, fresh air and a nutritious diet of local specialites, all of which you will find in ample profusion in the Tegernsee Valley. Its climate has been officially recognised as beneficial. Quiet nights after an active day out promise a good night's sleep. Restaurants and traditional grocery stores in the area offer organic local produce to give you all the goodness of these environs. From our organic cheesemongers to various traditional butchers and fisheries, there is much to be discovered.

Get professional support

... from well-trained health and fitness professionals to renowned clinics and many individual doctors and specialists, the Tegernsee Valley is the perfect place to address any medical issues.