A Room with a View

A refreshing dip in the lake or the mind-clearing bliss of a mountain breeze – the Tegernsee Valley presents the perfect counter-point to arduous brain work. The surrounding landscapes with their heavenly variation of meadows and valleys, water and mountains offer a meditative backdrop as well as a sportive sparring partner. Whether you “merely” crave a break from all that mental exercise in the meeting room or have come to Lake Tegernsee with a distinct teambuilding goal, here you can break fresh ground and discover new horizons. And this can involve exactly as much relaxation or activity as suits you and your goals: such as a stroll along the lakeshore, a leisurely e-bike tour through the Weissachau nature reserve, hiking to a mountain inn, or a round of golf against the backdrop of the Bavarian Alps. Or else you might like to push yourself during an ambitious stint of mountaineering, mountain biking or sailing, while surfing or paddle-boarding, lake-diving or co-piloting a paraglide from the legendary peak of Mount Wallberg.

Incentives Summer

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