Our project leader will collect you at your hotel, then take you on a shuttle bus to the Tegernsee Mountains. There, our mountain guides will welcome you and divide you into 4 teams. Equipped with your own GPS devices, you will set out by yourselves to locate various task stations. It will be possible to complete 3 to 4 stations per hour. At each station, a mountain guide will explain the next task or challenge and ensure its safe completion.

The following stations can be set up: 

Journey to the Moon: 
The tightrope walker must dare to step on the rope with closed eyes. His or her colleagues will try to keep the walker in balance.
(enhancing teamwork and trust)
Jacob’s Ladder: 
This giant ladder can only be mastered with the help of a colleague!
(enhancing cooperation and communication) 

Mohawk Walk: 
Contestants must traverse a course of tightropes strung up between poles at intervals of 4 to 6 meters – without falling. Ideally, the winning team should traverse the course without a single team member falling. To alternate leadership roles for the team, it can be arranged that team members who had ground contact must traverse the entire course once more. 

Spider’s Web: 
Which team can bring all team members through the gaps in the web without touching it?
(enhancing teamwork, communication and trust)

Accuracy and dexterity are needed to collect as many team points as possible.
(enhancing concentration) 

River Crossing: 
Few building materials are available. Which team manages to stay dry while crossing the river?
(enhances cooperation and communication)

Lake of Acid: 
Who manages to defuse the bomb in the middle of an acid lake?
(enhances cooperation and communication) 

Burmese Bridge: 
A ravine is to be crossed. Rope, helmet and harness are ready. Will the team complete their task within the given timeframe? Apart from strategic thinking, this challenge requires team members to overcome their inhibitions.
(addresses motivation) 

Flying Fox: 
Who has the guts to swing on down into the valley?
(addresses motivation) 

Beer Crate Climb: 
Contestants must stack beer crates on top of each other while always standing on the top crates. All participants are secured with harness and rope.
(enhances, communication, teamwork, motivation and trust)

Company Knot: 
The entire team tries to tie this knot together. This requires all team members to have both hands on the rope.
(enhances teamwork)

Magic World:
Tricky team challenge transporting a ball, which comes with a broad range of variations. If the group is big enough, a team member can be transported instead of a ball!

After completion of the chosen stations we will return you to your hotel or alternatively arrange refreshments at a rustic mountain cabin. Available in all locations.

Duration: from 1 hour 
Minimal number of participants: 10 PAX 
Prerequisites: none 
Homepage:  www.seevents.de