The Modern Treasure Hunt – Fun for All Ages

At the start, participants will be divided into groups (by draw) and receive a brief training with the GPS device. Then, the process of Bavarian geocaching is explained. Before the modern treasure hunt begins, each group is told the coordinates of their first cache. At each station, a Bavarian riddle awaits participants. Ist solution contains the coordinates fort he next cache. But beware! Each group receives its own coordinates and riddles … no use trying to cheat. The treasure hunt takes participants along well maintained paths and only requires a moderate level of fitness. The goal of Bavarian geocaching: finding that treasure at one’s leisure, with tons of team fun and without time pressure. This means participants will have time to discover, experience and enjoy the Tegernsee Valley’s diverse surroundings.


Duration: 2 hours
Group Size: 10 PAX or more