A foodie's dream Tegernsee, © Sonja Still

Food & Drinks

Lake Tegernsee is a gourmet’s heaven. Savour regional specialities, locally sourced produce, haute cuisine and home-made treats. Whether you love fish or game, with a view of the lake or from the mountain tops, Lake Tegernsee pleases all tastes.

Where to eat?

If truly outstanding food is one of your main pleasures, the Tegernsee region belongs on your bucket list. Here, we know all about how to pleasure a palate with traditional favourites, discerning haute cuisine, and simple home-made delights made with locally sourced products. Whether it's wild game at a mountainside inn or fresh-caught fish with a view of the lake, the culinary possibilities are practically endless!

It's no wonder that the Tegernsee region is known far and wide as a place where you can truly enjoy the finer things. How about fresh-caught char from the lake's crystal-clear waters, cheese made with local pasture milk at a regional dairy co-operative, or a nice cold pint of Tegernseer Hell? Our status as an officially designated "Genussort" lets you know you’re in the right place for real epicurean enjoyment.

All around the Tegernsee, you can choose from starred chefs, affable innkeepers and local producers whose offerings will give you the chance to taste their love of home in every bite. Ranging from traditional home-made specialities to health-conscious options and the very best in fine dining, the Tegernsee Valley has nearly 200 restaurants of various types, which gives it a higher concentration of eating establishments than practically anywhere else in Bavaria.

The Tegernsee and its environs represent one of Germany's most renowned regions for relaxing holidays. All around the crystal-clear lake and the marvellous mountain landscape that surrounds it, there are myriad ways to kick back, recharge, and enjoy some of life's pleasures.

From traditional festivities and cultural highlights to refined hospitality, countless recreational options, and thermal springs rich in iodine and sulphur, there's no shortage of opportunities to experience Bavaria in all its charms. Why not plan a relaxing – but never boring! – holiday in Bad Wiessee, Gmund, Kreuth, Rottach-Egern, or the town of Tegernsee itself?

If you’d like to find out more about our region, Tegernsee's local guides offer exciting and wide-ranging tours – local culinary specialities very much included.

Enjoy the region's traditional delights

Hearty, traditional and always accompanied by a warm smile, the Tegernsee region sets quite a table! When you tuck into local favourites and delicacies in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, you’re sure to feel right at home.

The region's beer gardens, inns, and long-established restaurants are perfect for experiencing authentic Upper Bavarian hospitality. Meanwhile, the combination of culinary specialities and cold beer will quickly show you how these traditions have stood the test of time. Around here, the proprietors still see you to your table themselves – if they're not busy doing the cooking as well! Many of them also hunt their own wild game, procure their fish from the lake, and get their hay-milk cheese from the local dairy producer.

Experience the epitome of fine dining

The most refined restaurants around the Tegernsee range from venerated establishments and insider tips to places that boast the highest culinary distinctions. No matter what type of gourmet fare you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find the right menu! Fresh, local, sustainable, modern, and creative, our region's restaurants have every exclusive taste covered.

Unparalleled dining doesn’t have to come with a Michelin star. There are plenty of first-rate restaurants in the region that can show you what top quality and a real passion for culinary creations really mean. All these establishments use only the finest ingredients, preferably those that can be sourced locally.

Take pleasure in sustainably sourced food

Tastes good – feels good!

They say that the way to a person's heart is through their stomach, and perhaps the same could be said of one's conscience, as well. Nobody knows this better than the people of the Tegernsee region, where dishes are prepared using only the best local ingredients.

Here, you can enjoy sustainable meals and products in a pleasant atmosphere that will let you savour every bite.

Taking pleasure responsibly starts with the use of sustainable ingredients. Local products, ecological methods of agriculture, the principle of using all the parts of an animal, and the pride taken in traditional culinary values are integral elements of Tegernsee cuisine.

Responsible enjoyment also means taking the time to experience each moment and mouthful. As you sample our region's sustainably produced delicacies, be sure to take a second to appreciate the care, the exceptional ingredients, and the local focus that have gone into making them.

Enjoy the old-fashioned way

A passion for the hearty and home-made. Here in the Tegernsee region, sustainability is a big part of everyday life.

The area's citizens, restaurateurs, and guests all appreciate the value of locally sourced products. That’s why the producers around the Tegernsee only work with the best ingredients and raw materials – and you can really taste the difference.

In fact, the lake's surrounding communities have such a strong connection to their local products that the region's restaurants tend to have menus full of them. Many proprietors even make products in their own kitchens, be it home-made marmalade or meats from game they have hunted themselves. From fish, cheese, bread, and herbs to liqueurs, brandies, chocolates, and fair-trade coffee, this is the perfect place to enjoy goods made with passion and real artisanal skill!

 This is how the Tegernsee tastes

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