GENIESSERLAND Tegernsee, © Sonja Still


Lake Tegernsee is a gourmet’s heaven. Savour regional specialities, locally sourced produce, haute cuisine and home-made treats. Whether you love fish or game, with a view of the lake or from the mountain tops, Lake Tegernsee pleases all tastes.

Where to eat?

Lake Tegernsee has a far-and-wide reputation for excellent food and drinks. Local beer, freshly caught fish from the clear waters of the lake or artisan hay-milk cheese all contribute to Lake Tegernsee being a recognised “culinary destination”.

Michelin-starred chefs, café and restaurant proprietors and suppliers of local produce love their region – and you can taste it in every bite, from the simple to the exquisite one. With almost 200 menus, Lake Tegernsee has the highest concentration of places to eat all over Bavaria.

Musicvideo - So schmeckt der Tegernsee