For sporty: Kreuth

In the south of the Tegernsee Valley, Kreuth combines a warm Bavarian welcome with high-quality culture and a wide range of sports facilities. Unspoilt mountain forests, wide rivers and – of course – the excellent air quality give the village its unique natural charm.

In July 2018, Kreuth was awarded the title “Mountaineering Village” as confirmation of its commitment to sustainable tourism.

Take the well-marked footpaths and bike trails for fabulous views of the impressive landscape at the foothills of the Alps. And, once you’ve worked up an appetite, treat yourself with freshly smoked Arctic charr from the "Herzogliche Fischzucht" fish farm, flavoursome cheese from the "Naturkäserei TegernseerLand" dairy or fresh coffee from the "Ersten Tegernseer Kaffeerösterei roastery".

In winter, Kreuth is heaven for winter sports enthusiasts. Guaranteed snow attracts skiers, ski tourers, winter hikers and tobogganists, while cross-country skiers can enjoy more than 60 kilometres of groomed trails.

Did you know?

Kreuth consists of a total of 20 districts.

Tegernsee Marble is not a cake, but a reddish stone, which was used in the Nibelungen Halls of the Munich Residence and in the large hall of Schleissheim Palace until the middle of the 20th century. You can also find this precious stone in the Catholic parish church of St. Quirinus in Tegernsee.

The Ringberg Castle was built in 1913 by Duke Luitpold in Bavaria and there is an "Open Day" every 2 years. Otherwise, the castle serves as the Nobel Prize winners' campus of the Max Planck Society.

120 kilometers of hiking trails in, around and above Kreuth invite you to hike, walk and be active.

In the natural cheese dairy in Kreuth, around 7.000 kilograms of milk from almost 360 cows are processed every day.

On a forest festival day, around 50 hectoliters of beer are drunk and at least 1.200 half chickens are sold over the counter.


Winter in Kreuth , © Dietmar Denger
Winter in Kreuth

© Dietmar Denger

Ringberg Castle Kreuth , © Dietmar Denger
Ringberg Castle Kreuth

© Dietmar Denger

Church St. Leonhard Kreuth , © Egbert Krupp
Church St. Leonhard Kreuth

© Egbert Krupp

Restaurant Glashütte in Kreuth, © Sabine Ziegler-Musiol
Restaurant Glashütte in Kreuth

© Sabine Ziegler-Musiol

Festival in Kreuth , © Egbert Krupp
Festival in Kreuth

© Egbert Krupp