Nordic Walking Rottach-Egern, © Bernd Ritschel

Nordic Walking around the Tegernsee

The Tegernsee's marvellous environs and the softly rolling hills at the foot of the Bavarian Alps turn Nordic walking into an extraordinary experience.

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Getting those sticks into a rhythm with your legs puts your whole body in motion, and even the more avid athletes out there can work up quite a sweat.

For Sporting enthusiasts and others who enjoy exercise

Once you set out with the proper apparel – sporting attire, solid hiking or trekking shoes, maybe a heart rate monitor – it probably won’t be long before you start feeling a bit euphoric.

The easy-to-learn sequence of movements involved in Nordic walking requires nearly all your muscles and causes you to burn more calories. That makes it a gentle form of full-body training. By making active use of your sticks, you’ll stay sure of foot as you practically glide over the ground and feel your body and spirit in balance. It's the ideal way to tune out and leave the everyday grind behind while engaging in a health-conscious activity. Of course, being able to enjoy the curative properties of the local climate in one of Upper Bavaria's most beautiful holiday regions doesn’t hurt, either.

Nordic walking is suitable for all sporting enthusiasts and anyone else who simply likes getting some exercise.


Nordic Walking Gmund 2, © Hansi Heckmair
Nordic Walking Gmund 2

© Hansi Heckmair

Nordic Walking Gmund 3, © Hansi Heckmair
Nordic Walking Gmund 3

© Hansi Heckmair

Nordic Walking Gmund 1, © Hansi Heckmair
Nordic Walking Gmund 1

© Hansi Heckmair