For families: Gmund

Gmund, at the source of River Mangfall, is known as the gateway to Lake Tegernsee. If you approach the lake from the north, you’ll immediately experience the idyllic rural atmosphere of the TEGERNSEE region.

Nature lovers come here all year long to walk the narrow paths across the rolling hills, passing old farmhouses and country roads lined with old trees. Cows, goats and even lamas graze placidly in the fragrant pastures, delighting young and old alike. On a farm holiday in Gmund, you’ll be treated like part of the family – even by the tame animals in the meadows.

And Gmund has plenty more to offer. It’s an ideal place for hikers and mountain bikers to start multi-day trips, including one of the gentler trails across the Alps to Sterzing and the famous long-distance cycle routes from Lake Constance to Lake Königssee and from Munich to Venice. 

Did you know?

Ludwig-Erhard-Platz in Gmund is no coincidence - the former chancellor lived in Gmund and his grave can be found in the mountain cemetery.

The children of the city dwellers used to relax here, today fine wines are distilled on the Schafstatthof and it's more the adults who have fun.

Johann Baptist Mayer - better known as the "wild hunter of Gmund" - lived in Gmund from 1786 to 1834 as a royal district hunter. The local history museum has been housed in his house for several years.

The oldest paper machine in Europe from 1883 is still in operation in the Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund.


Playground in Gmund, © Isabelle Munstermann
Playground in Gmund

© Isabelle Munstermann

Spring in Gmund Flowers, © Egbert Krupp
Spring in Gmund Flowers

© Egbert Krupp

Spring in Gmund , © Egbert Krupp
Spring in Gmund

© Egbert Krupp

Mangfall river in Gmund , © Egbert Krupp
Mangfall river in Gmund

© Egbert Krupp

Cafe zum Weinbichler Gmund , © Dietmar Denger
Cafe zum Weinbichler Gmund

© Dietmar Denger