Spring in Rottach-Egern, © Der Tegernsee, Dietmar Denger

For pleasure: Rottach-Egern

The beautiful countryside at the foot of the impressive Wallberg and the inspirational atmosphere created by galleries, boutiques and excellent cafés and restaurants combine to attract everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to young families to Rottach-Egern, on the southern banks of Lake Tegernsee.

No other place unites genuine tradition, sporting activities and cosmopolitan flair with such ease and pleasure. Rottach-Egern has all the ingredients for a happy holiday – from Michelin-starred restaurants to rustic Bavarian taverns, from luxury hotels to cosy B&Bs, from hustle and bustle to the calm of the lake.

At 1.722 metres above sea level, the Wallberg is a treat for mountain lovers. You’ll find a marvellous view of the glistening lake and an idyllic chapel that looks out over the Alps, and, with a little bit of luck and sunshine, you’ll see specks of colour in the sky above the mountain: paragliders and hang-gliders savouring the lightness of life and the freedom of flying.


Did you know?

In 1888 the Austrian Empress Sissi visited her niece Marie Louise von Wallersee in Rottach.

In 1955, the pioneer and grande dame of holistic cosmetics Gertraud Gruber opened Europe's first beauty farm on the shores of Lake Tegernsee. She died at the age of 100 in March 2022. Since then, her company has been run with a lot of love and passion in her spirit.

In 1951, the construction of the Wallbergbahn took 10 months. Today, daring tobogganers whiz down the slopes of the Wallberg on Germany's longest natural toboggan run.

The gourmet mile from Seestraße to Überfahrtstraße at 1.200 meters makes the heart of connoisseurs beat faster. From shopping to feasting - everything is on offer.

They are horse-crazy, the Rottachers. For more than 50 years, the Ross Day has been celebrated. It takes place on the 2nd Sunday in September.

Did you know that the writer Ludwig-Thoma found inspiration and a home in Rottach-Egern?


Seastreet Rottach-Egern , © Dietmar Denger
Seastreet Rottach-Egern

© Dietmar Denger

Summer in Rottach-Egern , © Dietmar Denger
Summer in Rottach-Egern

© Dietmar Denger

Spa Garden Rottach-Egern , © Sabine Ziegler-Musiol
Spa Garden Rottach-Egern

© Sabine Ziegler-Musiol

Winter in Rottach-Egern , © Christoph Schempershofe
Winter in Rottach-Egern

© Christoph Schempershofe

Wallberg in Winter, © Wolfgang Ehn
Wallberg in Winter

© Wolfgang Ehn