The summit cross of the Hirschberg in the Bavarian Prealps with a view of the Tegernsee can be reached via a well-developed hiking trail, © Der Tegernsee, Dietmar Denger

Hiking in the Tegernsee mountains

The Tegernsee mountains proudly stretch their heads towards the sky and seem to wait for nature-loving summiteers climbing them.
No one is like the other, every mountain on the Tegernsee is individual, has its corners and edges, as well as its panoramic view. Get to know the local mountains of the Tegernsee and be inspired to take a tour.

Book your hiking holiday at Tegernsee

Hiking on the Tegernsee, that is pure variety. The Tegernsee mountains offer tours for every taste with over 650 kilometres of marked trails. The connoisseur starts one of our leisurely hiking tours and indulges in culinary delights at the mountain hut.

Should it be a summit moment with a view over the entire lake? Then our mountain tours are the right place for you - whether Wallberg, Hirschberg or Riederstein: The Tegernsee mountains await you.

Children discover exciting tours such as the golden eagle hike and become real Tegernsee sniffers detectives..

Which hiking tours does the Tegernsee offer?

• Family-friendly circular hiking trails and high-altitude trails
• Winter walks
• Alpine crossing
• Mountain tours for beginners but also for advanced climbers

What makes hiking at Tegernsee so special?

Regardless of whether it is a “leisurely circular route” or a “mountaineer” type - everyone around Tegernsee is guaranteed to get their money's worth because breathtaking views of the Alps and lakes make the every hike an unforgettable experience. In addition, the hiking trails are excellently marked and enable even inexperienced mountaineers to find their way around the Alps. If you are out and about in the Tegernsee mountains, you should definitely stop in one of the numerous Bavarian mountain huts and treat yourself with a real Bavarian “summit bread time”, after all, you will still need energy to explore the many other mountains around the Tegernsee.

What is the best time of year to go hiking?

We recommend that you do not go hiking when temperatures are high in the high summer months or when there are heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. The best time is between September and early November and April to May.

Why is hiking so good and healthy?

The fresh air is good for the soul just a few minutes in nature have a positive effect on our body. The fresh air improves our metabolism and cell structure. When we go hiking, we release happiness hormones and can simply sleep better in the evening.

Where can I park?

As soon as you have decided on a hike, simply click on further details and then on arrival. There you will find detailed information on where to park. Another option is to download the PARK NOW App and find a parking slot next to you.

What should I watch out for on every hike?

• Do not hike off the beaten track
• Do not leave rubbish lying around
• Do not feed any animals that you meet while hiking at Tegernsee