Town Tegernsee Spring, © Der Tegernsee, Dietmar Denger

For culture: Tegernsee Town

Way back in the eighth century, Benedictine monks founded the abbey and its brewery on the southeast banks of the lake, laying the foundation for a culture that has grown and flourished ever since.

More than 200 years ago, King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria acquired the secularised abbey has to be his summer residence. This was the beginning of a close relationship that has left many traces; the "Herzogliche Bräustüberl" brewery is just one example. The people of Tegernsee love culture just as much as they love their traditions.

High-calibre concerts cover everything from classical music to folk, while the "Olaf Gulbransson Museum" and the "Tegernseer Tal Museum" have a reputation for hosting impressive exhibitions.

What’s more, celebration is a way of life for the people of Tegernsee. Join in the traditional "Waldfest" in the Schmetterlingsgarten (“Butterfly Garden”) or visit the "Seefest", one of three annual lakeside festivals hosted by Bad Wiessee, Rottach-Egern and the Tegernsee Town.

Of course, there are also plenty of opportunities to get away from all the excitement. You can relax by sunbathing at the sandy Point bathing spot or sweating it out on the monte mare sauna ship.

Did you know?

32.3 billion - that's how many Tragl Tegernseer beers (20 bottles of 0.5l each) would have to be poured into the lake to fill it with beer.

The old prison of the city of Tegernsee is now a cozy cafe where people like to linger and enjoy the wonderful view of the lake.

The railway ends today in Tegernsee only because the railway did not come to an agreement with the property owners. Actually, she should go to Rottach-Egern.

The romantic landscape around Lake Tegernsee inspired Hedwig Courths-Mahler - who lived in Tegernsee from 1935 until her death in 1950 - to write more than 200 romance novels.

1.191 people from Tegernsee could spend time on the lake with 44 boats at the same time.


Das Tegernsee in Tegernsee, © Dietmar Denger
Das Tegernsee in Tegernsee

© Dietmar Denger

Lieberhof Tegernsee , © Sabine Ziegler-Musiol
Lieberhof Tegernsee

© Sabine Ziegler-Musiol

Walking along the Tegernsee , © Dietmar Denger
Walking along the Tegernsee

© Dietmar Denger

Advent in Tegernsee, © Stefanie Pfeiler
Advent in Tegernsee

© Stefanie Pfeiler

Winter in Tegernsee , © Christoph Schempershofe
Winter in Tegernsee

© Christoph Schempershofe