Swimming at the Tegernsee, © Julian Rohn

Swimming at the Tegernsee

What is the most beautiful thing about Tegernsee?
"The water!". In the summer holidays, when the sun shines from the white-blue sky, there is nothing more fun than paddling through the glittering waves through the water.

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The average water temperature of the Tegernsee ranges from 3 degrees in winter to 22 degrees in summer. The lake is usually warmest in July and August, when the lake regularly reaches over 20 degrees Celcius and has the perfect bathing temperature. 

What makes swimming at Tegernsee so special?

Even in very hot summers the lake does not get too warm due to its depth as well as the many tributaries and the strong "outflow" in Gmund, the so-called Mangfall. This creates a high water exchange, which leads to excellent water quality and and therefore to one of the cleanest lake in Bavaria. The crystal-clear water of the Tegernsee and its surrounding picture-perfect alpine landscape make it one of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria and even Germany.

With a maximum depth of almost 73m, a width of around 1.4 km and a length of up to 6.5 km, the Tegernse attracts visitors at any time of the year. All 5 places around the lake (Kreuth, Bad Wiessee, Gmund, Stadt Tegernsee and Rottach-Egern) have a share of the lake and a large number of public lake accesses.

What is the best time of year to go swimming?

If you are planning a swimming holiday at tegernsee, we recommend the period from july to august. This is where the lake is usually warmest. But also in the months before or after, the lake is a great refreshment after a sweaty activity. The warm and indoor pools in the region also offer an alternative to the lake.

Where can I park?

As soon as you have figured out a bathing spot at Tegernsee, download the PARK NOW App and find a parking slot next to you.


Father and son on jetty at Tegernsee, © Hansi Heckmair
Father and son on jetty at Tegernsee

© Hansi Heckmair

Water splash at Seeglas Gmund , © Hansi Heckmair
Water splash at Seeglas Gmund

© Hansi Heckmair

SUP Board at Tegernsee, © Hansi Heckmair
SUP Board at Tegernsee

© Hansi Heckmair

Family SUP Board , © Hansi Heckmair
Family SUP Board

© Hansi Heckmair

Girl on playground equipment, © Hansi Heckmair
Girl on playground equipment

© Hansi Heckmair