Mountainbike with a great view over the lake, © Julian Rohn

Cycling around the Tegernsee

We might as well just come out and say it: If you’re a fan of cycling, you might find the Tegernsee area addictive. In fact, anyone planning to stay active on a holiday or day trip in our region should definitely bring their bicycle along.

Book your cycling holiday at Tegernsee

Those who like pedalling through natural settings can look forward to cycling routes and mountain-biking paths of varying levels of difficulty where the chances of being rewarded with a breath-taking view are practically guaranteed.

A bit of electrical assistance will even unlock untold possibilities all across the mountains of the Tegernsee region – be sure to check out the electric mountain bike tour that features an array of higher-elevation highlights.

Which cycling tour do we recommend?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you're sure to discover your new favourite cycling route right here in Bavaria around the Tegernsee in the midst of a unique natural landscape. One particularly popular destination – and a challenging one at that – is the Wallberg, whose peak stands at 1,722 metres above sea level. The tour of three local lakes (the Tegernsee, Schliersee, and Spitzingsee) also has plenty of adherents.

What is the best time of the year to go cycling?

We recommend that you do not go cycling when temperatures are high in the high summer months or when there are heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. The best time is between April to June as well as September to  early November.

Why is cycling so good and healthy?

The fresh air is good for the soul just a few minutes in nature have a positive effect on our body. The fresh air improves our metabolism and cell structure. When we go cycling, we release happiness hormones and can simply sleep better in the evening.

Where can I park?

As soon as you have decided for a bike tour, simply click on further details and then on arrival. There you will find detailed information on where to park. Another option is to download the PARK NOW App and find a parking slot next to you.

What should I watch out for on every cycling tour?

• Do not cycle off the beaten track
• Do not leave rubbish lying around
• Do not feed any animals that you meet while cycling at Tegernsee