Welcome to Lake Tegernsee

Nothing in Bavaria is as Bavarian as the Tegernsee Valley.

We thoroughly agree. Look up to see a perfect blue and white sky.
Look down into the valley to see the beautiful lake. The water sparkles, the mountain peaks reflect the sunlight, and many activities are waiting for you.

Lake TEGERNSEE is many things at once: cultural landscape and hub of creativity, peaceful retreat and region of culinary pleasures, farmland and playing field.

What unites mountains and lakes, tradition and vision, reflection and fun? The TEGERNSEE holiday region! What’s more: every visitor is part of our lives. We want you to feel special. We want you to discover all the hidden gems and hear our stories.

Visit Lake TEGERNSEE – the lake everyone loves. We are happy to see you.

What’s on at Lake Tegernsee

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Treat yourself to a break at Tegernsee and let your soul dangle.

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