Bräustüberl Tegernsee

Cheers to the hospitality

Locals and vacationers, happy and thoughtful people - and of course hungry and thirsty people: the Bräustüberl takes them all. The famous "Liberalitas Bavaria" is at home under the vaults in Tegernsee Kloster and has been for over three centuries. Today the Bräustüberl is also a prime example of the successful interplay of established tradition and modern corporate management. In addition to the excellent beer from the brewery next door, it has long been the food that attracts guests. Quality is the top priority in purchasing and preparation, the selection and price are also right. The cuisine is home-style Bavarian, with a focus on regional specialties, including - of course, white sausage ’(from the local butcher), pork knuckle and beer roast, fresh beef tartare, homemade brawn, farmer's press sack or a smoked char fillet from the fishery next door. The pancake soup before and the apple pancakes or apricot pancakes afterwards complete the menu. If you are not really hungry, there are “kloane sachan” - culinary rarities that are far too rare to find: Miesbacher sour with red onions, Bräubazi or just a sandwich with lots of fresh chives. ... and of course: Tegernseer Hell, Spezial or Dunkel don't taste as fresh anywhere as here. The brewery and the Bräustüberl reside under one roof - as they have been for hundreds of years - the beer comes directly from the storage cellar next door - directly into your glass.