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Cheese alp Kreuth

In the Käse-Alm Kreuth you will find a range of cheeses varying between 50 and 65 selected cheeses, some which are in farm-made raw milk quality or from organic farming. In addition, fine sausage products, regional schnapps and fine brandies, fresh bread and eggs directly from the farmer are offered. Have you ever seen how cheese is made? An experience that will fascinate you. In the cosy guesthouse that offers place for approximately 35 people, moments of enjoyment are offered and you can let yourself be spoilt with spread in clay bowls, tasting plates with farmer's ham or cheese platters. Learn firsthand how milk turns into cheese at the cheese-making in summer. For breakfast with coffee, cheese and fresh alpine butter you will surely also find a place in the parlor. 


General remark:

The opening times indicated on this page are based on the REGULAR opening hours available to us! 

You can find short-term changes on the website of the provider (see link) or by calling the given telephone number!

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