Museum Tegernsee Valley Culture & History

How exciting the Tegernsee valley is in terms of its culture and history is something that guests of the region experience not only in the present. With a visit to the Tegernsee Valley Museum, you can also glimpse the past.

More than 850 objects, which can be dated between the 14th and 20th centuries, await the visitor in the premises. In 17 rooms, the museum provides information about the Tegernsee Valley, one of the most traditional regions of Old Bavaria, and can look back on a long tradition:

When the Altertums-Gauverein was founded in 1903 to bear witness to the former Benedictine Abbey of Tegernsee, the foundation stone for a local history museum was laid, which was soon set up in the town hall. What followed were several moves before the museum finally took its current location in the listed old rectory next to the castle.

Today two sections with collections of local history await the visitor. The focus is on the one hand on image and text documents as well as relics from the more than 1000-year history of the monastery and on the work of the Wittelsbachers on Lake Tegernsee, on the other hand, folklore holdings from the Tegernsee valley, including important furniture from the 16th to 19th centuries. Two complete inventories of "chamber wagons" including bridal equipment for furnishing the new home are particularly impressive. One of them dates from 1809, the other contains furniture manufactured in 1851 and modernized in 1892 for a second use.

A trip into the past is definitely worth it. Temporary special exhibitions complement the permanent exhibition and individually offered tours make a visit to the museum perfect. Please arrange this by phone.