Sailingcenter Tegernsee

The sailing center at Tegernsee exists more than for 10 years and for 10 years the team around managing director Stephan Eder has been offering everything to do with water sports - like sailing training, professional implementation of events and incentives on the water, regular seminars and workshops in the Match Race Center and the Rental of modern and safe BLU26 yachts, the sailingcenter defines a new standard for water sports schools: sailing like professionals, with maximum learning success, maximum fun and maximum safety. The sailingcenter is innovative!

Windsurf Foil Camps have now been added to the program - the sailingcenter is the first windsurf school in southern Germany to offer the latest "foiling" trend. Again and again, more and more, you can see the foiling windsurfers whiz across the Tegernsee. On closer inspection, however, the viewer only notices: The surfboard hisses a few centimeters above the water. Thanks to an underwater hydrofoil, the boards lift out of the water even when there is little wind and low speed. "With this, the surfers reach an enormous speed, they literally fly over the water," explains Eder. In the past few years, the sailing center at Tegernsee has also developed into a professional and test center that always has the latest models from the Starboard and Severne, Bluboat, Topcat and Laser brands on site.

Whether renting, testing, buying - everything is possible. The sailingcenter has also made a name for itself as the host and organizer of large championships. Managing director Stephan Eder and his team look forward to your visit - to rent, test, learn or just watch.