Tegernsee climbing forest

The Tegernsee climbing forest is a high ropes course and was integrated into the existing mountain forest at the Oedberg in Gmund.

In a total of 6 courses, participants from 5 or 8 years of age, accompanied by an adult and from 12 years of age, can climb, shimmy, swing or float freely over a wide variety of obstacles and elements from tree to tree. Skill, courage and perseverance are required. The courses are designed in different degrees of difficulty so that everyone can approach their personal limit. Fun and excitement are guaranteed for everyone.

Of course, the Tegernsee climbing forest is also suitable for group, club and company outings. Additional team courses have been opened for this purpose.

By the way, you can climb here in almost any weather. The trees offer protection from heat and rain. The climbing forest only has to be closed in the event of thunderstorms, storms or hail. The Tegernsee climbing forest is TÜV-certified and Bornack's new safety system makes climbing even safer.