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Like a bird

Admittedly, the ascent with the equipment is a bit tedious - if you don't take the cable car - but it's worth it: Once you have reached the top of the mountain, you are not only attracted by an intoxicating view, but also by the free fall with a good portion Adrenaline is mixed up.
Here you can experience the aerodynamics up close. Like a bird, you glide silently down from the summit and float into the valley. High up in the blue and white Bavarian sky, you can let the wind blow around your nose and experience weightlessness and the feeling of limitless freedom. If you want to escape your everyday life for a short moment and experience the world from a different perspective, you should definitely try your hand at skywalking and dare this sport. With careful and intensive training at the Tegernsee paragliding school, nothing stands in the way of you. Then the first flight from take-off to landing will be a safe pleasure.