alpenstueberl_bw, © Der Tegernsee Rachel


The inviting wooden house is located in the heart of Bad Wiessee. The house specialty are selected and delicate liqueurs, fine brandies and wines, which customers can taste in a cozy atmosphere. The regulars' table is located in the upper part of the parlor, where guests are always welcome. The bacon planks, tarte flambée or a hearty oven pizza are also popular. The Alpenstüberl also serves the legendary "Weissbier SpritZZ", the classic in the house. There is space for 25 guests each in the parlor and in the outside area. The Alpenstüberl is also happy to welcome you for your private celebrations.


General remark:

The opening times indicated on this page are based on the REGULAR opening hours available to us! 

You can find short-term changes on the website of the provider (see link) or by calling the given telephone number!

We kindly ask for your understanding.


alpenstueberl_bw, © Der Tegernsee Rachel

© Der Tegernsee Rachel

alpenstueberl_bw_1, © Der Tegernsee Rachel

© Der Tegernsee Rachel

alpenstueberl_bw_2, © Der Tegernsee Rachel

© Der Tegernsee Rachel