Organic Cheese Dairy

Fine pasture milk – one of nature’s special gifts.

The organic cheese dairy Naturkäserei TegernseerLand was founded over four years ago. Amidst the Tegernsee mountains, it produces flavourful semi-hard, hard and soft cheeses as well as creamy yoghurts made with quality pasture milk from the Tegernsee region. The participating dairy farmers must observe specific regulations for their milk to qualify as ‘pure pasture milk’: in summer, cattle must feed solely on fresh grass and in winter on fragrant hay mixed with a small amount of grains. No silage or other fermented fodder must be used; further feeding and fertilisation regulations apply. The natural, highly aromatic properties of the fodder have a positive impact on the production, taste and quality of pasture milk. From this basis together with no further ingredients other than rennet, micro-cultures (e.g. lactic acid bacteria), salt, and depending on the type of cheese various herbs and spices, originate tasty cheeses sure to enthral all dairy lovers. 

Size and Equipment:

Capacity of person largest room: 100
Largest room: 240 sqm

Size and features

Persons largest room: 100 Persons
Largest room: 240m²



Dimensions: 240m²
height: m
Max number of persons: 100 Persons


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