Siebenhütten Hansi Heckmair, © Hansi Heckmair


Directly behind Wildbad Kreuth, the Siebenhütten alp is idyllically located at the head of the valley in front of the Blauberge mountains and invites you to have a snack. Siebenhütten is an ideal destination for families and also for athletes. The alp is located at the river Hofbauernweißach and is easily accessible. On the way to the alp there are numerous nice resting places that invite you to jump into the cool water or take a short break in the shade. The name stems from the times when the seven alpine huts were actually operated by seven farmers from Kreuth / Pförn. Only three huts remained, two of which are used as storage and one as a rustic snack station. It is hard to imagine that around 500 goats were once kept here for the production of goat whey for therapeutic and beauty baths as well as for drinking cures by the Wittelsbachers in the nearby Bad Kreuth. The milk was made into cheese and the whey that had accumulated was transported in barrels to today's Wildbad Kreuth on a specially laid out path. This footpath still exists today and is ideal for a leisurely descent.

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Siebenhütten Hansi Heckmair, © Hansi Heckmair
Siebenhütten Hansi Heckmair

© Hansi Heckmair