summer toboggan run Oedbergflizzer

Strapped in the toboggan with the drag lift up the Oedberg and with great fun, speedily over steep curves and jumps back down into the valley. Young and old alike get their money's worth on this adventure in the great outdoors.

Potential summer tobogganers who can already see themselves dragging a heavy sledge uphill can relax again straight away: At the Ödberg, men, women or children are already sitting on their toboggans as they go up the mountain. After the mountain transport it’s safely guided on an aluminum tube - quietly back down the mountain. For the time being, 40 toboggans are used, each designed for two people (permissible total weight: 130 kg). The passengers are secured with a lap belt when going up and down the mountain - and “down” they can determine how quickly they want to lean into the curves.

The maximum speed is limited to 40 km / h by two centrifugal brakes.

Open daily from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday, Sunday and during school holidays from 10 a.m. Sufficient parking spaces are available.