Forest festivals at Tegernsee, © Egbert Krupp


Real Bavarian attitude to life

It actually takes more than a few words to explain what Waldfeste are. Let's try it as briefly as possible:

  • The Waldfeste are the best since the invention of beer and pretzels. A meeting point for young and old. A see and be seen event.
  • The Waldfeste are to Tegernsee what Oktoberfest is to Munich. And the best thing is: They last all summer.
  • The Waldfeste, that is the real Bavarian way of life.



The Waldfest season begins in mid-June with the FC Real Kreuth Waldfest at Leonhardstoana Hof. A social event is the famous Hirschbergler Waldfest at the foot of the Wallberg. The most important meeting point for everyone who hasn't seen each other for a long time.

The Tegernsee Waldfest is beautifully located in the wonderful butterfly garden in front of the Tegernsee Castle. Friday and Saturday is more of a party atmosphere, Sunday is rather cozy. At the end of July, the traditional ski club Waldfest at Lori Feichta in Rottach-Egern follows. Particularly noteworthy here is the bar, where it is not uncommon for the party to continue until the early hours of the morning under the open sky between the stream and trees. The grand finale of the forest festival season takes place on Ödberg in Ostin.


Waldfest mit Kind
Waldfest mit Kind
Blechbläser Waldfest
Blechbläser Waldfest
Forest festival from a special perspective, © Der Tegernsee, Dietmar Denger
Forest festival from a special perspective

© Der Tegernsee, Dietmar Denger