Cross-country skiing Gmund, © Hansi Heckmair

Cross-country skiing around the Tegernsee

Nearly endless trails against a breath-taking backdrop

With more than 100 kilometres of trails to explore around the lake, the skiing around here certainly lives up to the term “cross-country”. Plus, the landscape can’t be beat and snowfall is practically guaranteed, which are further reasons why the Tegernsee region is so popular and highly recommended among the classic cross-country skiers and the skaters alike.

In the winter, the area not only transforms into scenery that wouldn’t be out of place in a fairytale picture book; it's also one of the best regions for cross-country skiing anywhere in Upper Bavaria.

Here, skiers can glide across kilometre after kilometre of well-tended trails in the glittering snow, through romantic vales dotted with frosted treetops, all the way up to thrilling paths along the mountain ridges.

In the towns of Kreuth, Gmund, Rottach-Egern, and Bad Wiessee, different routes are available to provide for the necessary change of pace. Whether you’re looking for a light workout or a proper challenge, breath-taking views of the mountains, the lake, and the surrounding communities won’t be in short supply.

The network of trails in Kreuth even extends all the way to the Austrian border.