Sledging at Wallberg , © Hansi Heckmair

Sledging around the Tegernsee

A thrilling ride

Thinking of doing some tobogganing in Upper Bavaria? Look no further than the Tegernsee region!

Here, there are plenty of hillsides perfect for sledging – and perhaps none better than Germany's longest natural toboggan run, which can be found at the Wallberg near Rottach-Egern. Sometimes the fun is over before it even starts, but not here: Hurtling down all 6.5 kilometres will take you around half an hour. To make sure everyone stays on track, the run is prepared and checked anew on a daily basis. If you want to avoid trudging all the way back up to the top after every ride, you can simply hop on the Wallbergbahn. There’s no need to drag your own toboggan along, either; you can hire one at the lower Wallbergbahn station.

Finally, we'd be remiss not to mention that the Wallberg run isn’t without its perils, which is why even experienced riders are advised to wear a helmet.

Tobogganing in Kreuth 

Not quite as long (5 or 3 km), but no less fast for tobogganing pros and those who would like to become one, in Kreuth the natural track from Hirschberg (ascent from Kreuth-Scharling) and the toboggan run from Setzberg (ascent from Kreuth town center) down.

The toboggan run on the Hirschberg leads to the Hirschberghaus and is particularly suitable for experienced tobogganists. The famous Hirschberg prize race also takes place here every year in February. Several rental options on site.

It takes about 50 minutes to climb up to the Setzberg piste, before then descending again for ten minutes on a (sometimes icy) route through the sparse forest and over sharp bends. This route is also suitable for families with children and offers a lot of variety.

Winter vacationers will also find the toboggan run from the Buchsteinhütte in Kreuth. This varied route offers the opportunity to stop off at the Buchsteinhütte after the ascent from the Winterstube hiking car park.

In January and February, the Kreuth Toboggan Club invites guests and locals to go night tobogganing on Fridays from 7 p.m. on its floodlit natural toboggan run on the gorge (between Wildbad Kreuth and Bayerwald). In addition to the rental sled, advice on driving technique and sports equipment from experienced tobogganists is also included in the package. For organized tobogganing events, please contact the toboggan club Kreuth directly.

Tobogganing in Gmund

Gmund has a natural toboggan run that is 3.5 km long (access via the Gmund district of Gasse. Ascent from the parking lot), which often ices over and is therefore more suitable for experienced tobogganer. After about an hour's walk and a stopover at the Neureuth mountain inn, the driving fun can begin.

Please bring your own sled here, as there is no rental.

Tobogganing in Bad Wiessee

Bad Wiessee (access via Prinzenruhweg) offers twice the driving pleasure, once at the Prinzenruh and at the Aueralm.

Attention children: The route at the Prinzenruh is also ideal for beginners, as it is only a 100 meter long toboggan slope. The Ostler Ski School rents out sledges and the Prinzenruhstüberl sells cake and coffee - is there anything better?

The second route, at the Aueralm (starting point at the Söllbachtal car park or, depending on snow conditions, via the Sonnenbichl/Zeiselbachtal), is much more demanding and, after 1.5 hours of ascent, leads from the open alpine pastures down into the Söllbachtal. The track measures a total of 4.5 km. The best place to stop off is directly on the Aueralm.

After the fun you should get to know the healing power of the water. Here you will find information about the iodine and sulfur bath in Bad Wiessee.